The US intervention

One of the most grotesque aspects and most deceptive of the campaign today against Russia - which would be downright comical if there were not thousands of deaths - is to denounce the intervention of Russia in the affairs of a sovereign state, which made one with Muscovy for much of its history, and whose population is basically Russian, while the United States, it is unclear on what basis they would found the legitimacy of their intervention in a country that has nothing in common with them, do not cease to manipulate the political game, and claim to decide their fate, as if it were a colony that belonged to them for a long time.

The US involvement in the coup in February

That the US are behind the coup was clear to all observers from the beginning, at least for those who wanted to open their eyes. But in an interview with CNN, given on February 1, 2015, Barack Obama made a great blunder inadvertently admitting that the change of power had been held by the US, by dropping the phrase: "... the protests in the Maidan, and Yanukovych Then Fleeing After We'd brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine".  It can not be more clear, the putschists had a pact with the US government, and they have acted only because they were absolutely sure of their support. The script of the interview can be found at the following address:

Long before, the evidence of their involvement in the coup was given by the publication on Youtube of a record of a telephone conversation between Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, in which the assistant to the Secretary of State had already given the man's name that the US wanted to see at the head of the futur government: Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

From left to right : Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of the néonazi  party 'Svoboda', Victoria Nuland, Arseni Iatseniouk, now PM, and in the rear, Vitali Klitschko, former box champion, now mayor of Kiev.

It should be noted that the US did not even seek to deny the authenticity of this document, they contented themselves with saying that such revelations, probably from the Russian secret services, were quite outrageous and dishonest; in their logic, to reveal the truth to the public is dishonest, but organize a coup in a democracy seems perfectly legitimate. Finally, letters between the Embassy of the United States in Kiev and the US government were revealed on the WikiLeaks website, which shows that Petro Poroshenko worked on their behalf since 2006; in these documents, he is designated as "our Ukraine insider". We found some of these documents at:

Thus, that the United States organized a coup in a third country is not considered by our governments and media as an illegitimate intervention, but that Russia assists separatists against a government truffled with fascists to avoid on its border a bloodbath is obviously a terrible violation of the rights of a sovereign state.

That a lot of the people which was involved in the coup were from extreme right, and even from Neo-Nazis organisations, and thus very dangerous for the country, they didn't care. See: The Ukrainian far right

Now, a year after, the Ukraine is in a disastrous state: collapse of industry, agriculture, GDP, money, and so on; see : A disaster for Ukraine. Considering the results, the aim of the US government couldn't be to help the Ukrainians in any way; their only purpose could only be to ruin the country, in order to break the Russian project to form an economic union with Ukraine; this unfortunate country is nothing but a pawn in the US government game which consist to harm as much as possible Russia and its allies, not to let develop that State who is poised to become a superpower. see: The destruction of Europe

The US, the world's policemen

The attitude of the US and their allies stemsfrom an implicit a priori we do not want to admit: the US now consider themselves as the world police, they assume the right to intervene anywhere in the world as they want, to defend democracy in theory and in reality their interests; they give themselves the right to organize coups, to invade, to bomb, to murder with drones, they intervene in the Arab countries, Asia, and now in the heart of Europe, without asking notice nor the permission of anyone. They did not need a UN vote nor the consent of anyone, their allies are requested to support what they do, and those who dare to do the same things as they do are obviously criminals or clones of Hitler.

The extension of the American colonial empire

What we hear today is nothing other than the eternal speech of the colonizer which is repeated for 20 centuries; to invade Gaul, Julius Caesar had already invented an alleged Swiss invasion against which the Gauls would have asked for his help. The French invasion of Algeria was also justified by local conflicts, and we can resume the history of the constitution of all the colonial empires of history, we always hear the same eternal discourse: the invader claims to defend the people he is invading against an enemy superior in forces, he says he wants to bring civilization, justice and peace. This is the common point between the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now in Ukraine. The invaders also have the habit of placing at the head of their colonies puppets that they manipulate at will, and which will say what they want; it was, among other thousands of examples, the role of King Herod in Palestine 2000 years ago; this is the case and Poroshenko Yatsenyuk today.

The US know they are losing their economic leadership on the planet; they must conserve their military advance to stay ahead as the first power in the world; From this point of view, the Russians are the only ones who can keep them in compliance; This is why their new goal, for a year, is to shoot Russia economically. Whereby they sacrifice the interests of Europe, and even worse, take the risk of triggering a global conflict of uncontrollable proportions. Any official propaganda is built on the myth of the "savior": we must always "save the world" against the dangers of all kinds; it starts with making fears, invent dangers, villains, against which people would obviously be defenseless; Then comes the "savior", to which one has only to entrust his interests to be quiet. Unfortunately, the "savior" is not working for free, he moved into the house, sat down to table, and command as the master; and the poor people who appealed to him only has to serve.

The US power in Ukraine

If we do a quick tour of the main leaders of Ukraine today, what do we see?

- President Poroshenko is an American agent (see above link)

- Prime Minister Yatsenyuk was set up by the US Department, especially Victoria Nuland (link above). He is also accused by many people in the US to be an officer of the Church of Scientology. See:

- The Speaker of Parliament, Turchinov, is also the pastor of an American sect, so as an American agent. See:

-  The new economy minister, Natalia Iaresko is also American. See:

- The son of Joe Biden, Vice President of the USA, was appointed to the Board of Directors Burisma Holdings, the largest private producer of the country's gas. See:

After all that, what is left to the Ukrainian people to manage his own affairs? Ukraine is nothing else today that a colony of the US. This does not prevent the presstitude for blaming Russia to intervene in the affairs of an independent State; mind boggles!

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