The manipulation of the masses strategy

The role of the press and the manipulation of the masses strategy

The corruption of the journalists by the CIA:

The ability of the CIA to control the Western press has become almost absolute; a former chief editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Udo Ulfkotte, revealed in a book that became immediately a bestseller, Gekauften Journalisten (sellout Journalists), how the CIA managed to corrupt the essential of the German journalism class, and how the agency manage to force them to "sell" the war with Russia to the public:

"German and American media are trying to sell the war to people in Europe, to bring the war against Russia. This is the point of no return and I will say what I have to say ... What I have done in the past is wrong, manipulating people, build a propaganda against Russia. "

See here the interview he gave to the channel Russia Today:

The media constantly maintain an atmosphere of hatred and madness by monstrous coverage based solely on a priori and accusations without any evidence;

Newspapers are launching slogans to the population, and want to impose an attitude based on both the fear and the herd instinct; any serious political reflection is totally banned in favor of a game on emotion and the feeling of insecurity which is created out of nothing:

Does the CIA have the means to pay for the services of all the Western press?

Some figures: the CIA's budget is $ 75 billion per year; it can easily afford to use 10 billion to ensure the "sympathy" of newspapers in a particular case, that makes an average of 100 million available for each of the 100 major Western titles. Le Monde's turnover is about 400 million with 90 million in debt, and it would be the bankrupt without an annual state assistance which amounted to 18 million in 2013; the figure of Liberation annual sales is about 58 million, and the newspaper does not live without an annual subvention from the state of several million; you see how it's possible to influence the direction of a newspaper with an average of 100 million available per title ...

It is probably the widespread corruption of their little world that gives journalists the reflex to blame in turn all opponents of the war against Russia to be sold to Putin! The French daily Libération did not hesitate to claim that the French university depends on money from Moscow! The mind boggles!

Pascal Bonifas, director of Iris, responded in the Nouvel Observateur:

One may wonder if "Liberation" will one day do a survey Atlanticist or neoconservative networks in France which, through NATO, foundations or different branches, have much greater financing capacity than the Russians. Do "Liberation" investigate whether the attitude of those who spoke most violently against Putin were not related to funding related to the interest of maintaining the highest level of military spending or restore new vigor to NATO?

The masses handling strategy also extends beyond the press; in 2012, the FBI admitted that he was helping amateurs to commit terrorist attacks, to maintain an atmosphere of paranoia, which seems necessary to obtain from the population a fully support to the so-called forces of "order" - in their cases, it is questionable whether they would not rather the forces of "chaos".

Create and continuously maintain a sense of fear, by committing deadly attacks if necessary, is now part of the means used by the CIA to cause an instinctive feeling of rejection of Russia in the West; This explains both the support to Ukrainian perpetrators of the attack against the Boeing MH 17, permanent publication in the newspapers of "incident" with Russian planes on the verge of American or European airspace, the accusation against kremlin about the assassination of Nemtsov, etc.

So, why all this propaganda? Obviously to serve US strategic interests, essentially preventing the creation of a large continental power from Atlantic to Pacific, which would marginalize the Anglo-Saxon states; see: The destruction of Europe.

The US, defenders of freedom in the world?

Anti-Russian propaganda also serves to distract the people from all the threats that the United States today are developing against individual freedoms, and the fact that the NSA has truly become the Big Brother of the XXI century, that is precisely denounced by George Orwell in 1984. Let us recall some data:

- The NSA, 35,000 employees in different agencies, budget of over $ 10 billion; Activities: Internet surveillance, laptops and cellarphones, all communication on the planet; more than 100 heads of state tapped, hundreds of thousands of businesses and hundreds of millions of people, especially in the US and Europe.

- The CIA: 200,000 employees in 16 agencies worldwide; Budget: $ 75 billion - without any parliamentary control! Activities: espionage, political assassinations (and now using drones), coups (5 billion spent in Ukraine alone, admits V. Nuland) preparation of military invasions (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq ...), global campaigns of poisoning public opinion (weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, invasion of Ukraine by Russia), hunt political opponents who denounce the system (Assange, Snowden), torture of polical prisoners (Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib) subversive political activities (Libya, Syria ...), bribing politicians, media outlets and journalists around the world. And for what? Millions of dead, ruin and desolation everywhere, and international terrorism exploding, especially through the Islamic State, not to speak of a risk of world war.

There was a time, Russian intellectuals were fleeing the Soviet Union to take refuge in Europe or the USA. Today, Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is besieged in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, Edward Snowden, who denounced the actions of the NSA, has found political asylum in Russia. Both are pursued by American justice, not for lying, but to brought to the public all violations of human rights committed by the US government. It is time that everyone understands that we live no more in same the world as before 1990. The "new world order" is the US dictatorship for the entire planet.


The strategy of the manipulation of the masses:

The whole strategy of the state propaganda today follows the main principles of the manipulation of the masses defined by the American linguist Noam Chomsky:

1 / The strategy of distraction 

The strategy of diversion is to divert public attention from important issues and changes decided by the political and economic elites, through continual flood of distractions and trivial information. The strategy of diversion is also essential to prevent the public to focus on the essential knowledge. "Keeping public attention diverted away from the real social problems, captivated by matters of no real importance. Keep busy public busy, busy, no time to think; back to the farm with the other animals. "From" Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars "

2 / Create problems, then offer solutions

This method is also called "problem-reaction-solution". We first create a problem, a "situation" intended to cause some reaction from the public, that it is itself applicant measures we wish him to accept. For example: let it develop urban violence, or arrange for bloody attacks, so that the public is requesting security laws at the expense of freedom.

3 / The strategy of degradation

To accept an unacceptable extent, simply apply it gradually, "degraded" over a period of 10 years.

4 / The delayed strategy

Another way to accept an unpopular decision is to present it as "painful but necessary", obtaining the consent of the public in this for application in the future. It is always easier to accept a future sacrifice an immediate sacrifice.

5 / Addressing the public as to children in infancy

Most advertisements for the general public use speech, arguments, characters, and a particularly infantilizing tone, often close to the debilitating, as if the viewer was a child in infancy or mental disability. The more we seek to deceive the viewer, the more we will adopt a condescending tone.

6 / Appeal to the emotional rather than thinking

To appeal to the emotional is a standard technique for bypassing rational analysis, and therefore individuals critical thinking. In addition, the use of emotional register opens the gateway to the unconscious to implant ideas, desires, fears, impulses, or behavior ...

7 / Keep the public in ignorance and stupidity

Ensure that the public is incapable of understanding the technologies and methods used for its control and slavery. "The quality of education given to the lower classes must be the poorest, so that the gap of ignorance that separates the lower classes from the upper classes is and remains incomprehensible to the lower classes."

8 / Encourage the public to wallow in mediocrity

Encourage the public to find "cool" being stupid, vulgar and uneducated ...

9 / Replace the revolt by guilt

Make the individual believe that he is solely responsible for his misfortune, because of the lack of intelligence, abilities, or his efforts.

10 / Knowing people better than they know themselves

Over the past 50 years, rapid advances in science have dug a growing gap between public knowledge and those owned and used by the ruling elites. Thanks to biology, neurobiology and applied psychology, the "system" has reached an advanced knowledge of the human being, both physically and psychologically. The system has come to know the individual better that he will know himself. This means that in most cases, the system has more control and more power over individuals that individuals themselves.

Televisions and the official media - those living of subsidies or controlled by powerful financial groups - are in charge of organizing this operation, following exactly the Chomsky's rules : 

1 - They give the public only very fragmentary information on what is really important in this crisis, and they amuses him the rest of the time with nonsense, so he does not seek to find for himself reliable informations .

2 - They tells him that the attitude of Russians is a danger that threatens him directly, so it requires American intervention.

3 - American governement applies gradually insignificant sanctions first, and then more and more important to gradually accustom the public to the idea of the conflict and the necessity of war.

4 - It is suggested that things will go better in the future; after the war, especially!

5 - They use a completely childish speech, Putin is the big bad wolf, Americans are the good guys saviors.

6 - Media constantly play on emotion to carefully avoid debate on the facts.

7 - They deliberately hides the most important facts - such as corruption of ukrainian "elite", their violence, their links with neo-Nazis, etc. - To occupy the space of the debate with secondary issues.

8 - They develop an aggressive argument, it leads the public to celebrate the "calamities" inflicted to Russia, cultivate pride and national arrogance, by suggesting that one can "punish" Russia as a boy .

9 - It makes it clear to people that if they do not adhere to the idea of supplying arms to the Ukrainian government, they will be guilty of the misfortunes that will happen to them.

10 - They use psychologists services, sociologists, communication experts, to continually measure the effect of public statements by leaders on public opinion, to better adapt the official discourse to his reactions, to handle with the greatest possible efficiency.

Series of official "presstitudes" lies

Ther will be no end to bring all the volunteers lies the official news broadcasts to poison public opinion, make him admit the legitimacy of a coup organized by the United States, and to erect the entire West against Russia.

Try listing the biggest:

- The Crimea was a region of Ukraine, when it is a State, an autonomous republic.

- The events of February would be a popular revolution, while it is a coup organized by the United States, as recently confessed Barak Obama, in an interview with CNN.

- Ukrainian neo-Nazis are actually very nice! 

- The United States would not intervene in the affairs of Ukraine and Russia do not have the right to do so.

- Petro Poroshenko would be an honest man.

- Vladimir Putin is a mental patient who suffers from autism.

- The Russian army would invade Ukraine.

- The Boeing flight MH 17 was shot down by the independentists, with a Russia BUK system .

- Sanctions and threats to supply arms to Kiev would aim to cease hostilities.

- Putin possess absolute control of the situation.

- The independentists would have no legitimate reason to revolt against Kiev.

- You could not know who is responsible for the massacres of Mariupol and Odessa, which also explains that never talks about it.

- All the people who defend the rights of Russia are obviously paid by Putin.

- US Senator McCain will defend the rights of Ukrainian and would not seek to sell arms to defend the financial interests of the US arms lobby.

- That the US Vice President, Joe Biden, has appointed his son as head of the main Ukrainian energy is not an interference in the affairs of this country.

- Broadcast of the recording of the conversation between Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador in Kiev proves nothing other than fundamentally vicious character of the Russian secret services.

- The Russian press would be a vile propaganda, when Western newspapers obviously say only the truth.

The official media and the independent information -

the myth of freedom of the press

Official media play on the public's belief in freedom of the press; many people rely on television and newspapers, without ever trying to check what they read; if it is printed, it must be true! In reality, the freedom of the press is a myth; from the beginning, newspapers have never been used otherwise as to manipulate opinion. We speak of "freedom" as soon as the papers are no longer controlled by the state; this does not mean that their editorial line is not controlled by their owners! And they always have more or less strong links with this or that political party, with the power, or financial groups. All newspapers have never served to an other thing as to defend the interests of their owners, not the public. Links between media groups and the arms industry are particularly close; see for example in France the link Dassault / Le Figaro; American television channel Fox News was created specifically to support the war against Iraq and the financial interests of the US arms lobby.

Does this mean that there is no freedom of expression? Certainly not, but when the release of information obeys to the laws of the market, the largest financial groups dominate and occupy the field. It matters little now to the governments if somebody is telling the truth - as denouncing the organization of the coup in Kiev by the US government - if just three quarters of public opinion, which is interested in something else , merely believe what says the official press, without traying to seek more. Specialists can say what they want, just do not give them a voice in the major media, and that's all.

We recognize here the difference between dictatorship and modern democracy, as the saying goes: "The dictatorship is' shut up ', and democracy is' you can go on, I'm not interested!"

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